A Typical Accountant?

If you have watched the YouTube video ‘Monty Python – The Lion Tamer’ (above) and you still think this remains the popular perception of a Chartered Accountant – we need to talk!

Accountants, especially Chartered Management Accountants are no longer just the bean counters / score keepers / quietly kept in the corner meek and mild souls they have long been perceived to be.

My philosophy is to encourage regular contact with my clients (weekly / monthly / quarterly) to suit their needs and keep up to date with progress against plans and future expectations. Your relationship with your accountancy services provider should be more than the once or twice a year meeting to sign off accounts and tax returns. Would you rather be getting an idea what your likely tax bill is going to be as your financial year progresses rather than wait for the ‘shock’ once a year?

If you are profitable, do you know with what products, services or customers you are making those profits (or losses)? – look out for my regular blogs / posts as I pose these and other questions.

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